#longreads Military ventures in the Middle East

Here are three very intense as well as informative #longreads about U.S. CIA and military expeditions in the Middle East:

  • The Great Escape — If you haven’t seen Argo, see the movie before you read this article based on CIA intelligence declassified during the Clinton Administration. It’s a gripping true tale about how a CIA operative drummed up an astonishing escape plot for six U.S. Embassy workers that averted the initial embassy takeover in Tehran and stowed themselves away under the protection of the Canadian Ambassador. It’s remarkable how true to the story the movie keeps, aside from your typical Hollywood-manufactured tension scenes.
  • The Desert One Debacle — Mark Bowden covers the failed rescue attempt of the U.S. hostages in Iran that ultimately served as one of the major causes of Carter’s losing the 1980 election. It also serves as what must has been a cautionary tale for Obama when considering whether or not to go into Abbottobad.
  • The Hunt for “Geronimo” — Another Mark Bowden piece that depicts Obama’s decision to go after and ultimately kill Osama bin Laden. With great detail, the article describes the deliberation among Obama and his key staff (including Clinton and Biden) as well as raid itself, which includes a helicopter malfunction that must have conjured images of Desert One and Carter. This time, however, Obama and his team were watching with horror on live satellite feed.

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