An idea for taking back the Republican Party

I just got around to reading Bruce Bartlett’s great essay “Revenge of the Reality-Based Community” about his criticism of and subsequent ostracism from the Republic Party. It’s an excellent read on the state of conservatism and it’s self-imposed echo chamber.

It got me thinking that as a Democrat and Obama-supporter, part of me has always worried that there is a powerful swell of momentum sitting latent beneath all the radicalism and Fox News scare-mongering. If there existed a moderate Republican with conservative, yet enlightened and forward-thinking views on spending, education, effective government, social and environmental problems, and civil rights, and who was willing to forsake the likes of Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed, Democrats would be in trouble. I, for one, would welcome the new competition and likely lifting of all boats.

Since Aaron Sorkin already missed this boat with his shameless and self-righteous portrayal of politicized cable news, if I were CNN, I would shave back Wolf Blitzer’s on-air time and create a slot for a Republican moderate-hosted cable news show. This show could easily float above the fray of MSNBC and Fox while still presenting a blatant and much more respected alternative.

Get a legitimate host without a slant for editorializing and regularly book guests such as Bruce Bartlett, and perhaps center-leaning Democrats. I think it’s an idea worth mapping out. A good show backed by strong marketing spend could really do wonders for changing the overly partisan nature of our dialogue and help bring the Republicans out of the woods for the betterment of everyone.


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